II International Composer Competition





To participate are invited composers who have reached the age of 8 by December 1, 2020.






Autonomous non-profit organization "ClassicFest"

International Chamber Music Festival "Winterreise" www.wrfest.com

Natalia Korshunova




Association of Laureates of the International Tchaikovsky Competition. Moscow, Russia.

International Chamber Music Festival "Spring in Russia". Moscow, Russia. www.r-spring.ru

International Art Fund.  Moscow, Russia. https://artfund.ru/





Natalia KORSHUNOVA, President of the "Winterreise" Competition (competition.winterreise@gmail.com)

Elena BAKANOVA, Art Director Europe (winterreiser.info@libero.it)






Valery KIKTA (Professor of the Moscow State Conservatory P.I. Tchaikovsky, Honored Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of Ukraine, Russia) - Chairman



Claudio SCANNAVINI (professor of the B. Maderno State Conservatory of Cesena, Italy)



Mikhail PETUKHOV (Honored Artist of Russia, member of the SABAM association  (Belgium),

Professor of the Moscow State Conservatory P.I. Tchaikovsky, Russia) 



Raffaele MASCOLO (Professor of the G.Verdi State Conservatory of Milano, Italy)



Francesco OTTONELLO  (Director of Ensemble Nuove Musiche,and President of Savona International Music Festival , Italy)


Boris VISHNEVSKY (member of the Union of Composers of Russia, teacher of the Moscow State Conservatory P.I. Tchaikovsky, Russia)






February 1 - February 13, 2022 (ONLINE)






1. 8-17

2. 18+ 






· Contemporary music

Chamber work written for the following instruments and any combinations of them (up to 8 instruments in an ensemble):

- piano - string instruments (violin, viola, cello)

- wind instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet)

- vocals (soprano, tenor, mezzo-soprano, baritone, bass) :



· Electronic music

Music for electronic instruments. Incorporation of computer sound recording  and acoustic instruments is also possible.


· Program music 

A chamber program composition in the academic or electronic music genre, written on a specified topic ("Music in winter colors").


The total duration of the composition presented should be no more than 10 minutes (including cycles).






According to the decision of the Jury participants receive Diploma of Laureate of the Competition I, II and III degrees in each age category and nomination, or Diploma of Participant. Also are awarded the following prizes:


– Special Prize from the International Chamber Music Festival "Winterreise " - Special Prize Diploma, performance of the work in the Festival programs (Moscow, 2022-23), audio-video recording of the performance, posting the recording on the official YouTube channel.



– Special Prize from the International Chamber Music Festival "Spring in Russia" - Special Prize Diploma, performance of the work in the Festival program (Moscow, 2022-23), audio-video of the performance.


– Special Prize from the Association of Laureates of the International Tchaikovsky Competition for participants of the 1st age category - Certificate for free participation in the master class in the specialty "Composition" (Moscow, 2022).


– Composition winning the nomination "Music in Winter Colors" will be performed within the framework of the joint artistic and musical projects of the International Art Fund, the Russian National Museum of Music and the International Chamber Music Festival "Winterreise". Authors receive audio-video recording of the performance.



All works by the laureates of the competition will be performed by leading Moscow musicians such as artists of the Tchaikovsky Bolshoi Symphony Orchestra, as well as laureates of the II International Competition of Chamber Music "Winterreise".





The Competition is held REMOTELY and consists of one round.


Submission of the applications  -  to January 28, 2022

Announcement of the laureates of the Competition - February 13, 2022


The Competition is held anonymously, each score attached to the application for participation in the Competition is assigned an individual identification number.


One competitor is allowed to participate in all nominations, subject to different submitted compositions. In this case, applications must be made separately for each work. In case of participation in more than one nomination, the fee for the second (and third) nomination (s) is reduced to 50% of the first.


From the number of submitted applications, the Jury selects no more than 12 works from all nominations and age categories for awarding.


The Jury reserve the right to award not all prizes, divide prizes, establish additional special prizes.

The Jury’s decisions are final and not subject to discussion and revision.


To submit an application for participation in the Competition, please fill the form attached to these conditions (see Appendix) in English.


The following documents shall be attached to the application:

– the score of the work submitted to the Competition, without any indication of the author's name or other personal information, in pdf format. Scores that have any identification marks, names or other personal information will not be examined.

– audio file in mp3 format with a recording of the composition submitted to the Competition.

– author's photo at least 1000 pixels on the short side (for the Organizing Commitee use only and to be announced if awarded a prize).

– a short biography of the author in free form  (for the Organizing Commitee use only and to be announced if awarded a prize).

– copy of passport or birth certificate in electronic form  (for the Organizing Commitee use only and to be announced if awarded a prize).

– copy of the receipt (other document) confirming the payment of the entrance fee  (for the Organizing Commitee use only).



A completed application form together with above mentioned documents and an audio recording of works shall be sent by January 28, 2022 to the email address of the competition: competition.winterreise@gmail.com,

Subject: Composition_Winterreise_2022.


Any changes in the competition program are communicated by the participants no later than February 4, 2022 and are subject to mandatory approval by the Competition Organizing Committee.


Notification of the results of the competition will be sent to all authors at the email address indicated in the application no later than February 15, 2022. The laureates of the competition will have to send a full set of parts of the work (in pdf format) for performers no later than February 25, 2022.






The entrance fee  is 60 (sixty) euros


In case of refusal to participate in the competition, the fee is not refundable.

The funds received by Competition’s Organizing Committee are netto and shall be cleared of any commissions   





– Contestants do not receive royalties either for the performance of the composition or for any further use of the recordings and broadcasts of these performances.


– The questionnaire signed by those wishing to take part in the competition is evidence of agreement with all of the above conditions.






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FB page: www.facebook.com/wrfest

E-mail: competition.winterreise@gmail.com

Artistic Director in Europe Elena Bakanova. winterreiser.info@libero.it

Международный конкурс композиторов Winterreise

International Chamber Music Competition  



Composer Competition Winterreise